Evotec 95 Float

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Evotec 95 Weight Forward Floating Fly Lines


Designed for underhand and overhead casting in all water types. The long front taper enables effortless pick up and successful anchoring prior to the forward delivery. The head mass is concentrated at the rear end of the belly and close to the rod tip. This facilitates an effective rod load, resulting in excellent line speed on the forward delivery.


Head Length: 9.5m / 30.4ft

WF4F / 4wt / Head Weight: 10 Grams, or 154 Grains / 89.4ft Total Length

WF5F / 5wt / Head Weight: 12 Grams, or 185 Grains / 89.5ft Total Length

WF6F / 6wt / Head Weight: 14 Grams, or 216 Grains / 89.6ft Total Length

WF7F / 7wt / Head Weight: 16.5 Grams, or 255 Grains / 89.7ft Total Length

WF8F / 8wt / Head Weight: 18 Grams, or 278 Grains / 89.8ft Total Length


Welded loop on front end.


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