Marauder Predator Line

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Marauder Predator Lines

The Pike / Predator line to choose if you are looking to cast big, bushy flies with ease. Its profile also makes casting into the wind very easy.

When it comes to variants the Float / Intermediate is the most common – especially for people seeking only one density – but if you know that you will be fishing around edges and drop offs, we’d suggest one of the sinking variants.

The Marauder is the compound predator fly line designed to turn over large, wind-resistant flies with accuracy at distance. Available in a selection of densities from full floating to Sink 5, the taper design has a stepped configuration as well as a handling zone to add both stability when long distance casting and effective fly line retrieval. The Marauder is quite simply the perfect fly line for targeting a comprehensive selection of predator species around the globe.


8 Weight Lines - Head Weight 309 Grains

WF8F Floating

WF8F/I Floating Intermediate

WF8I/S3 Intermediate Sink 3 

WF8I/S7 Intermediate Sink 7


9 Weight Lines - Head Weight: 363 Grains

WF9F Floating

WF9F/I Floating Intermediate

WF9I/S3 Intermediate Sink 3

WF9I/S7 Intermediate Sink 7


10 Weight Lines - Head Weight: 409 Grains

WF10F Floating

WF10F/I Floating Intermediate

WF10I/S3 Intermediate Sink 3

WF10I/S7 Intermediate Sink 7


Head Length: 29.9ft

Overall Length: 98.4ft


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