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The world famous and most sold rod range from Vision since 2021. Story of Hero rods started with an idea to come out with an affordable yet great performing rod series where all the rods were developed and fine-tuned for the specific type of fishing they are most likely used at. These rods are designed to serve all Heroes from beginners to serious competition anglers with different tastes.

We needed a Hero to rule the pike and predatory waters as well. So, we created the affordable yet very sound and solid Pike Hero rod. It is an easy to cast rod with medium fast action and super value for your money. Made with good quality materials Pike Hero is a real workhorse of pike waters. With Pike Hero it is easy to cast all size of flies with different line types from floating to fast sinking.

NOTE! Being a Hero on the water does not mean you have to break the bank nor save Gotham city.


Pike Hero series consist of three models from #8 to #10. All the rods are nine footers and the action is medium fast. *Special skills: Senses the big predatory fish.



We give a rating for the carbon that is used in each of our graphite rods. The higher the number the higher the modulus of the carbon that is used for the rod. The rating is closely related to the tonnage of the carbon in each of the rods. However this is not the whole truth as we use different carbon mixtures to achieve the wanted rod action and also the resins differ from model to model. But this rating is an indication of the main carbon used in the blank. Our premium rods use graphene in the resin and rods are identified by the Graphene logo.



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