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The world famous and most sold rod range from Vision since 2021. The story of Hero rods started with an idea to come out with an affordable yet great performing rod series where all the rods were developed and fine-tuned for the specific type of fishing they are most likely used at. These rods are designed to serve all Heroes from beginners to serious competition anglers with different tastes.

Hero DH consist of two Heroes: Salmon and Switch Hero. Both are designed to work true all-rounders from bigger trout rivers all the way to wider salmon rivers where you need that heavier version of Salmon HERO. Salmon Hero range includes two options, a lighter and true all-rounder 13’7’’ #8 and a heavier Salmon Hero 14’7’’ #9.

These Hero DH rods works very well with Hybrid lines and are super easy to cast. They are excellent choices for the first DH rod but serves well in the hands of more experienced angler as well.

Hero DH series is made with high-modulus low resin Korean graphite. Switch Hero has hard chrome single leg guides while Salmon Hero(es) have hard chrome snake guides. There Hero rods are black blanks with yellow markings.

Switch Hero 11’2’’ #7 *Special skills: General Hero of Switch rods. Bigger trout rivers, mid-sized salmon rivers.

Salmon Hero 13’7’’ #8 *Special skills: If you need one Hero for salmon fishing, take this. Handy in smaller one, manages the bigger ones.

Salmon Hero 14’7’’ #9 *Special skills: Big fish catcher and a friend of wider rivers.

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