TIPSI - Brown Polarflite VWF57

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Tipsi Polarized Sunglasses

Tipsi frames are slightly more curved than Masa, Aslak and Jasper. This frame is a good option for anglers who want to maximize the benefit of curved frames that block the unwanted sunrays coming from the sides efficiently. Thanks to the snug curved frame Tipsi sunglasses fit most of the head very nicely. Tipsi model is available in every possible flite series and lens technology.

THE LENS COLOUR determines how much light will pass through a lens. To keep vision optimal, you need less light in sunny conditions and more in cloudy weather.

BROWN A superb all-round constant density lens. It provides the best combination of true colour transmission and contrast. The optimal performance is achieved in medium bright to bright conditions.



Our Polarflite shades includes a wide collection of frames with Actif tri-acetate cellulose lenses. They give 100% protection from UVA-, UVB- and UVC light. They effectively block both visible light and the light reflected from water surface reducing the aligned, partially polarized glare. They are finished with hardcoat scratch- resistant surface. These lenses will not absorb haze and will stay constant with a low haze value of 0,4%. A perfect choice for all-round shades. These standard polarized plastic lenses have all the optical qualities needed for fishing. They are also very light. The 2by4 is designed to be worn with the glasses. Pouch included. Made in France.

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